• Connoisseur
    6 Jul 2024, 11:34 a.m.

    Hello everyone,

    It has been a very,very long time since I have been active on the forum. So to evereyone I have primarialy stayed in touch with on the forum, I hope you are all doing great!

    I have diversified my collection a lot. Also looking into different brands and get a taste of them. I stayed true to my passion for dial and case design. With that said I always find myself gravitating mostly to IWC. IWC has such an incredible wide range of special cases, materials used and rare dial designs. For IWC is really their DNA rather than an experiment. IWC also really has a very supringsly wide range of finishing of noble materials which I find

    very,very exiting. That is something I really love and with IWC these little gems are always a joy to see and to collect.

    Something that brings form and nice dial design together perfectly for me is Disco Volante watches. Also known as UFO or Flying Sourcer. Watches with

    no visible lugs. I find this very clean and elegant.

    I am trying to get a feeling of how rare they actually are. I am particulary interested in the early ones from the 1930s and 1940s. I like the handwound calibers a lot.

    In order to do so I have searched a lot via sold auctions listings from all the major auction houses and spend countless of hours trying to find them through sold items with dealers. This weekend I am going to do a very deep search via Instagram too.

    So far from what I have come across are 8 pieces. (again, of those 2 decades). I will share pictures below.

    1. Gilt sandwich dial (personal collection)

    2. Roman numeral dial ( personal collection, yet to arrive)

    3. A gold example with yellow dial and 12, 3, 6 numerals. Sold at auction by Tajan and then sold by PlusUltrach of whom this picture belongs

    4. A full numeral dial. Posted by forum member Stephenn

    5. A full numeral salmon dial. I cant remember where I found this picture. i was from an Australian trader, but remember who, My aplogies for not being able to give proper credit.

    6. Full numeral gilt dial with Portuguese import mark ( absolute stunner). Posted by forum member Clepsydra

    7. Gilt dial with roman 12, 3 and 9. Via Bonhams

    If you know about more pieces or have pictures please share! Have a lovely weekend everone!

  • Master
    6 Jul 2024, 3:35 p.m.

    Brilliant and very informative for me. I wish you well with your serach and capture.

  • Master
    7 Jul 2024, 1:59 a.m.

    Really nice; Koen, great work and congratulations on your Disco Volante pieces! I will be sure to let you know if I ever come accross one of these rare and unusual pieces!