• Apprentice
    14 Jul 2023, 2:21 a.m.

    I bought a 3288 Aquatimer on bracelet (328803) last summer and then a quick-change rubber strap a few months ago. How do I know if my strap is the standard size or the XL?

  • Master
    14 Jul 2023, 9:17 p.m.


    Here on the IWC website strap finder (under accessories tab) it lists IWE10338 as the refernce number for the standard strap. Do you know the reference number of your strap? Do you still have the original packaging?

  • Apprentice
    14 Jul 2023, 11:58 p.m.

    Ben, I'm sure the box is at home but I'm off diving at the moment. I can check when I get back, but was curious if anyone knew of a quick way to tell. Something like counting the number of oval marks on the back of the strap, holes in the strap etc. There are two numbers on the back of the strap, but not sure they mean anything. There's an "EO2218" and "EWBC".

  • Master
    15 Jul 2023, 3:48 a.m.

    Sorry, I don't have that strap myself, if you could find a known standard strap, you could measure to compare. I believe the numbers on the back are manufacturer ID and part number, but not the reference number.

    2218 could represent strap widths; it is 22mm between the lugs and 18mm at the pin buckle end.

  • Apprentice
    15 Jul 2023, 6:22 p.m.


    To determine whether your rubber strap for the 3288 Aquatimer is the standard size or the XL (extra-large) size, you can look for some specific indications:

    1. Strap Length: The XL strap is generally longer than the standard size to accommodate larger wrists. Measure the length of your strap to check if it is longer than the average rubber strap length.

    2. Strap Width: The standard-size rubber strap for the Aquatimer usually has a width of around 22mm. In contrast, the XL strap has a wider width, typically around 24mm. Measure the width of your strap to see if it matches either of these sizes.

    3. Markings or Engravings: Check for any markings or engravings on the strap itself. Some straps may have the size (such as "XL" or "22mm") imprinted on the backside of the strap near the lugs. Look for such markings to determine the size of your strap.