• Apprentice
    22 May 2023, 2:11 p.m.

    In January I purchased an IWC GST Automatic Chronograph in Titanium from an
    established vintage dealer here in the United States. Upon receiving it there
    were some condition issues that were not disclosed, which led me to sending it
    to IWC for service earlier than I would have liked. I recently just got it
    back and its amazing to have this back and in proper working condition, what a
    great piece and, in my opinion, extremely undervalued.

    I would really love to know what year it was made, however; that is difficult
    to do unless I get a certificate of authenticity from Schaffhausen directly.
    Ironically, I said I wanted this with my service request, but this was sent to
    Richemont service center in Houston, Texas. They offered to send to
    Schaffhausen post-service, but this had already taken three months and I was
    very eager to get it back.

    That being said, I recently noticed something that seems to set my GST apart,
    and that is the case back. On every other GST I see the case back has an
    engraving on the center portion that reads _International Watch Co.
    Schaffhausen, _however; my case back is completely blank (aside from the
    serial number of course). I have attached a photo that shows this. In digging
    a little deeper I referenced the original manual and service/guarantee booklet
    that came with my watch, and on the manual it had the following text on the
    back booklet page "A04783/7.97". What immediately caught my eye was the 7.97
    portion, is that a revision reference of the manual, meaning July of 1997? If
    that is the case then my example may be a very early GST, potentially first or
    second year of production. Is anyone aware of how my GST's age can explain my
    blank case back? Is this an indication of a service replacement from the past?

    Enjoying doing some detective work, hoping there may be some other answers!

    Case Back

    Instruction Manual

  • Master
    22 May 2023, 4:18 p.m.

    Congrats on a cool and beautiful watch.

    I think the number on the booklet belongs to the booklet. Maybe it's the
    printing or release year like 97 could be.

    I didn't find pictures of the back of a GST Chrono as in the catalogs only the
    front sides werd published in that era, because the backsides were not
    (considered) that attractive. But it could easily be there was no other
    marking there. If it was serviced at IWC you would have heard if something was
    wrong with it.

    Now I found some pictures on the web of reference 3707 and I see the written
    circle. Maybe you got a very early one indeed. Maybe we got some experts here
    that can find out.

  • Apprentice
    22 May 2023, 6:21 p.m.

    Hi Tilo,

    I agree on the booklet, its definitley corresponding to the year it was
    printed, the linkage I am making is that is that was printed in 1997 does that
    mean the watch is also close to that age range? I have seen others for sale
    (its not easy) and the booklet "date" seems to be fairly close to the
    production date stated, if the seller is aware of that to begin with.

  • Master
    23 May 2023, 4:55 p.m.

    It's very likely that the date of the booklet is close to the date of the

    Not guaranteed of course but yes it's well possible.

  • Apprentice
    14 May 2024, 5:26 a.m.

    Hi Guys, sorry quite a newbie here.

    Trying to start a new thread but was not able to figure out how. Then I found your lovely post. Congratulations on getting this beauty although some hiccups.

    I have the same exact IWC GST chronograph watch but probably from a different year. My dad gave it to when my first child was born. Loved it and have been wearing it quite frequently.

    However, recently I realised that 1 of my chronograph push buttons is missing from the watch. I have searched for it high and low but was not able to find it.

    I'm from Malaysia, and when I went to an authorised IWC dealer here in Kuala Lumpur, they mentioned that the IWC GST chronograph model is obsolete and do not make any replacement parts for it anymore. I tried googling for it and even called my friends in other countries to assist but the result proved inconclusive, I was not able to get a replacement for button.

    I have not been wearing recently because of this missing chronograph button and I miss wearing it. I want to wear it frequently again and I hope this forum can help do so. Appreciate any advice that can be shared, especially from Tilo