• Apprentice
    1 May 2023, 2:11 p.m.

    Throwing this out there to see if there are any resources that can help me
    understand a little more about my watch. I understand that IWC offers the
    ability to receive a COA during service and that can provide a "birth date"
    for your piece-are there any other resources that can be used to derive
    pedigree information about my watch? Specifically I am curious about the year
    it was made as well as where it was originally retailed. I am American, and
    my GST has an italian day wheel, obviously my guess is that this was retailed
    in Italy, but I like hunting for some history!

    My watch was sent to service at IWC recently and I did indicate that I wanted
    a COA, unfortunately it was sent to the US facility in Texas which cannot
    provide a COA. Its already estimated to hit the max lead time of 12 weeks and
    I am too impatient to have it travel to Europe afterward.

    Best regards

  • Graduate
    5 Aug 2023, 8:17 a.m.

    On the Certificate of Authenticity provided by IWC you get information about the watch's type/model, the case/material and the movement as well as the date of delivery. However, it's not mentioned to where (dealer/country) it was delivered although this information is probably available in the archives.

    If you give us information such as case number and movement number, this community can probably provide you with some information about your watch.