• Apprentice
    19 Sep 2023, 2:54 a.m.

    New to the forum and overall the world of timepieces, I come here seeking some information so bare with me.

    After recently purchasing a Pilot Chronograph AMG edition; IW377903, I am considering adding another strap but was wondering about fitment issues. I understand that it technically is not made for the piece, but wondering if it "could be made to work." The strap is from the new Petronas F1 team edition watch. Strap ref is; MXE0LJGM, and comes in 20mm and comes in rubber. Does that make any difference? Current strap is 21mm.

    This would not be a daily worn strap if that also helps. Being a rookie is this something not to be done at all? Looking for some advice.


  • Graduate
    19 Sep 2023, 7:21 a.m.

    Hi Dave,

    Welcome to the Forum!

    Theoretically it could be done. However, there are several drawbacks:

    1) The strap would be 1 mm slimmer than your standard one and this would be visible between the lugs. Of course it depends on personal taste whether or not you can live with it.

    2) If you would like to attach the strap you mentioned you would have to change the buckle. Your standard strap has a deployant buckle whereas the green rubber strap is made for a pin buckle.

    3) You would also (most probably) have to change the spring bars. Your standard spring bars have a bigger diameter than the spring bars for the green strap. It would be difficult or even impossible to mount the green rubber strap on the thicker spring bars.

  • Apprentice
    20 Sep 2023, 4:21 a.m.

    Thanks for the info Lyles, glad i came here is this is exactly what I was looking for.

    I have switched original strap to the teal/green stitched one similar to the original offered, but im wondering what size it is. I can only find the 20mm on the site and its seems to fit perfectly so maybe im missing where the 21mm is. Ill be heading to boutique store to check out some others but glad for the info and excited to be apart of the forum

  • Apprentice
    20 Sep 2023, 6:50 a.m.

    "Strap fitment could work?" appears to be a question or statement related to the compatibility of a strap with a particular item or device. However, it lacks context and specific details about what you're referring to. To provide a more accurate and helpful response, please provide additional information or clarify your question, such as specifying the item or device you're concerned about and the type of strap you're considering. This will enable me to offer more tailored assistance.

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